TrajEthos 5(1)

Volume 5, Issue 1, 2016 - Contemporary Discourse: logos, pathos, ethos

International Edition - English, French, Italian, Portuguese

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Editorial Information and Table of Contents
p. 1-4


Contemporary Discourse: logos, pathos, ethos (French)
Emilio Gattico, Invited Editor - Milton N. Campos, Collaborator
p. 5-7


Humpty Oedipus in Schizoland: Deleuze and Guattari with Lewis Carroll (English)
Pietro Barbetta
p. 9-21
[abstract]    [article]

Between Theory and Practice: Christine Montalbetti's Previous Ethos and Fictional Scenography (French)
Stéphane Girard
p. 23-41
[abstract]   [article]

Culture, Social Representations and Emotions (Italian)
Silvana Bonanni & Ivana Simonelli
p. 43-59
[abstract]    [article]

The Metaphorical Nature of Mental Representations (Italian)
Gian Pietro Storari
p. 61-71
[abstract]   [article]

The Immanent Character of Industrial Conflict between Representativeness and Representation (Italian)
Michele dal Lago
p. 73-81
[abstract]    [article]


The Sustainable Development Institution as Meaning Domain – Contribution to the Use of Natural Logic in Sociology of Culture (French)
Aurélien Allouche
p. 83-103
[abstract]   [article]

Broken Friendships, Facebook and the 2014 Brazilian Elections (French)
Mariana Guimarães Jorge de Lara & Milton N. Campos
p. 105-146
[abstract]   [article]


The Mood of Markets: The Press Economic Discourse and the Admissibility of Dilma Rousseff's Impeachment (Portuguese)
Nemézio Amaral Filho
p. 147-165
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