TrajEthos 4(1)

Volume 4, Issue 1, 2015 - Social Representations

Franco-English Edition

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Editorial Information and Table of Contents
p. 1-4


Milton N. Campos, Editor - Nicole Therrien, Co-editor
p. 5-8


Social Representations: Between Individualism and Holism
Catherine Garnier
p. 9-24
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Social Representations and Discourse Studies: Reflections on some Conceptual and Analytical Complementarities
Élias Rizkallah & Karine Collette
p. 24-47
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Social Representations of Coastal Marine Ecosystems in Children's Drawings. A Comparative Study Developed in Tulear (Madagascar) and Perpignan (France)
Jocelyne Ferraris, Georgeta Stoica, Catherine Garnier, & Pascale Chabanet
p. 49-67
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The Immolation of the Unemployed Guy of Nantes. Three Leads for Deepening the Cultural Dimension of Social Representations
Marc Glady
p. 69-90
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Mind Formatting Institutions
Dan Stoica
p. 91-109
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