TrajEthos 3(2)

Volume 3, Issue 2, 2014 - Reflections on Mediations

Special Edition

Portuguese Edition

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Front Cover and Initial Pages

Editorial Information and Table of Contents
p. 1-4


Milton N. Campos, Editor
p. 5-7


Information in a Future Universe of Communication (Portuguese)
Antonio Holhfeldt
p. 9-21
[abstract]    [article]

Late Capitalism and Acceleration: Arrogance and Culture of Excess (Portuguese)
Olgária Matos
p. 23-35
[abstract]    [article]


Discourse and Rupture of Borders in the Common Clinic (Portuguese)
Alexandre de O. Henz, Sidnei J. Casetto, & Angela A. Capozzolo
p. 37-49
[abstract]    [article]

Sustainable Development of the Bruntland Generation: A Concept Mediated by Shared Meanings (Portuguese)
Isabelle Beaudin
p. 51-63
[abstract]    [article]

Discursive Strategies of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God in England (Portuguese)
Karla Regina M. P. P. Bronsztein
p. 65-78
[abstract]    [article]


Dissociation of Notions: The Operator that Structures the Hegelian Philosophical System (Portuguese)
Tarso Mazzotti
p. 79-95
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