TrajEthos 3(1)

Volume 3, Issue 1, 2014 - Paying Homage to Jean-Blaise Grize

Franco-Italian Edition

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Editorial Information and Table of Contents
p. 1-4

Paying Homage to Jean-Blaise Grize

Denis Miéville, Invited Editor
p. 5-6


Milton N. Campos, TrajEthos' Editor - Isabelle Beaudin, Invited Co-Editor
p. 7-10


Argumentation and Natural Logic (French)
Constantin Salavastru
p. 11-28
[abstract]    [article]

Objects Determined by Operators (French)
Jean-Pierre Desclés
p. 29-43
[abstract]    [article

Natural Logic: What Is It, for Who, and Why? (French)
Denis Miéville
p. 45-57
[abstract]    [article


What we Owe to Him (French)
Pierre Vergès
p. 59-69
[abstract]    [article]

Social Representations of Food in the Child (French)
Cristina Grabovschi & Milton N. Campos
p. 71-87
[abstract]    [article]

Normal Schemes and Agents that Take Charge in Deconstruction (French)
Rebecca Bendjama & Denis Miéville
p. 89-113
[abstract]    [article]


Jean-Blaise Grize's Natural Logic: A Historic and Critical Reading (Italian)
Emilio Gattico
p. 115-126
[abstract]    [article]

Life and Truth - Paying Homage to Jean-Blaise Grize (French)

Zelia Ramozzi-Chiarottino
p. 127-137
[abstract]    [article]

Genetic Psychology - Fragments of an Interview with Jean-Blaise Grize (French)
Denis Apothéloz
p. 139-143
[abstract]    [article]

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