TrajEthos 2(1)

Volume 2, Issue 1, 2013 - Dialogue and Violence

French Edition

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Editorial Information and Table of Contents
p. 1-4


Nicole Therrien, Invited Editor of Issue 2(1)
p. 5-7


Ethics in Argumentation and Communication Mediated by Digital technologies (French)
Katia Lima & Alain Létourneau
p. 9-25
[abstract]    [article]

The Model of Argumentative Strategy (French)
Janete B. Frant & Monica R. de Castro
p. 27-38
[abstract]   [article]


Social Representations on Instructors' Activities: The Value of What Is New (French)
Camila M. Carreiro & Monica R. de Castro
p. 39-54
[abstract]   [article]

They Robbed the Agozining Frenchman: Argumentation of Violence
Milton N. Campos, & Ligia C. Leite
p. 55-70
[abstract]   [article]

It is Destiny: Social Representations on Paternity in the Rhetoric of Street Kids
Claudia R. de Castro
p. 71-89
[abstract]   [article]

Silent Violence as It Is Lived by Caretakers in Shelters of Disaffiliated Youths (French)
Ligia C. Leite & Ana Maria Pitta
p. 91-101
[abstract]   [article]

The Silent Dialogue of the Conspicuous Violence (French)
Yannick Brun-Picard
p. 103-120
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The Construction of Shared Meanings: A Strategie to Ease Violence in Health Care (French)
Sidnei J. Casetto, Angela A. Capozzolo & Alexandre de O. Henz
p. 121-127
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