TrajEthos 1(1)

Volume 1, Issue 1, 2012 - Interlocutions, Representations, Media

French Edition

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Front Cover and Initial Pages

Editorial Information and Table of Contents
p. 1-4

Paying Homage to Jean-Blaise Grize

Milton N. Campos, Editor
p. 5-6


Cristina Grabovschi, Invited Editor of Issue 1(1)
p. 7-10


Natural Logic and Sociology (French)
Emilio Gattico
p. 11-20
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Deconstruction Discourse in the Feminist Non-Academic Press in French Switzerland Between 2001 and 2011: a Logical-discursive Study on the Activity of Deconstruction (French)
Rebecca Bendjama & Denis Miéville
p. 21-35
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The Crisis on Mohamed Cartoons Published by Libération and Devoir : Image and Representation in News (French)
Lélia Nevert
p. 37-48
[abstract]   [article]

The Affaire DSK : Dialogue and Conflicts on the Internet (French)

Aurore Van de Winkel
p. 49-64
[abstract]   [article]

Political Discussions on the Internet : Reasons Explaining the degree of Participation of Quebec Young Adults in Elections (French)

Frédéric Truax & Milton N. Campos
p. 65-74
[abstract]   [

When Changing the World Rhymes with Collective Creation (French)
Isabelle Caron & Louis-Claude Paquin
p. 75-85
[abstract]   [article]


How Does the Common Citizen Build Discourse About Ethnical Pluralism on a Daily Basis? (French)
Nicole Therrien & Gaby Hsab
p. 87-106
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