TrajEthos is a Canadian annual transdisciplinary online research journal committed to the dissemination of discourse studies from the perspective of disciplines such as the communication sciences, philosophy, psychology, education, and the health sciences. It is an open international forum whose main goal is one of discussing and advancing theories and methods in which the relationships between logic, argumentation and ordinary conversation are explored in the context of contemporary problems and events raising ethical questions.

TrajEthos publishes original scientific articles as well as research reports, inter, multi and transdisciplinary studies, book reviews, interviews and other scholarly production on contemporary transversal themes, viewpoints, and debates.

TrajEthos publishes articles in both official languages of Canada - English and French - as well as other languages. The publication process is based on rigorous double blind peer-reviewed procedures.

TrajEthos is published in Montreal, Canada, by Communalis - Communication and Natural Logic International Society, based at the University of Montreal.